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Tribe Networking and Marketing is an innovative approach to networking and marketing that brings together the traditional “elevator pitch” networking opportunity and blends it with business development, community outreach and fun social networking opportunities in an environment that encourages real relationships and friendships while learning about each other’s companies creating a true referral program. With dozens of locations monthly and a rapidly expanding nationwide footprint, Tribe Networking and Marketing is the new solution to the age-old problem of how to grow your business. Meet with industry leaders with an abundance mentality, grow your business with other businesses you know and trust and develop the skills you need to market your business effectively. There is always a convenient time and location to attend with more being added regularly.

Business development classes, marketing opportunities, advertising opportunities, social media development and an extensive business library from industry experts provide further value-adds to Tribe Networking and Marketing bringing the resources and strategies you need for your business.

Why Tribe Networking and Marketing?

The creators of Tribe Networking and Marketing, Tim Zeman, former leader and partner of One Business Connection, and Kristina Corcoran, owner of Find Free Fun, the fastest growing marketing and social media company of its kind, are experienced networkers who wanted to create a different type of networking opportunity using what they had learned from years in the industry. Networking has traditionally been an opportunity to pitch your business to other owners in a very formal atmosphere where you collect business cards, add people to your email lists and have one-on-ones expecting a sale as the outcome. For many, this creates anxiety or is a tick on their to-do list. Would you be comfortable referring the people you know to someone you knew very little about outside of that environment?


But what if you could create real, lasting relationships with people you really get to know through a variety of opportunities and events? What if you were not limited to the people you met once every week in a select “exclusive” meeting, but instead could collaborate and grow with complimentary businesses and form real connections with the people in those meetings? You could build your personal referral network while improving your business skill set exponentially. Tribe Networking and Marketing provides this opportunity. With Tribe Networking and Marketing, you will meet vetted professionals who you want to do business with. Business owners who value knowing their business partners. Better yet, you can do it in a fun, educational, consistent environment. The goal of Tribe Networking and Marketing is helping you build those connections over the long term rather than a quick introduction or a clique that excludes many.


Tribe Networking Memberships include the ability to attend any Tribe Networking meeting at any time and any location, all Tribe after hours events, invitations to all Tribe social events, the ability to market to other Tribe members at all Tribe after hour events, a free business development lending library, basic social media opportunities, Tribe Networking business development Lunch and Learns and discounted advertising with Find Free Fun.

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Tribe Networking and Marketing is an innovative approach to networking and marketing, blending business development, community outreach and fun social networking opportunities. Refer to our members list to get in touch today.

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Tribe Networking and Marketing currently offers over two dozen monthly meetings across the metro Denver area each month and is rapidly expanding into other locations, cities and states. Find a day and time that works for you and come in and find out for free how Tribe Networking and Marketing is different! In addition, there are several after hour events, business development classes and social events open to check out. Attend a couple meetings, check out an after hour event or schedule a meeting and learn why it is time to “Find Your Tribe”.