The Bodywork Blog Episode 4

The Bodywork Blog Episode 4

Here’s the latest!

“The Bodywork Blog Episode 4: A New Groove!

Bored? Tired? Deprived of something? Needing a break?

Panda Exhausted

Or are you over-stimulated, hyper, unfocused, strung out?


Or both? Do you keep leaping from one to the other, just to find the same thing as last time?

Try adding a bit of love and kindness, compassion, joy and acceptance to your routine!

absolute power

What makes these powerful?

First, they are portable. There is no where you need to go, no think you need to thought, no one you need to be or know. You are already here; you just have to turn them on. 🙂


Second, they are immediately effective at uplifting your whole experience! Not feeling great (and don’t want to anymore)? Turn your mind to loving-kindness and BAM. You start smiling. 😀

how can you not feel warm and fuzzy?

How can you not feel warm and fuzzy looking at that dog?

And thirdly, nobody worth hanging out with will dislike you for being loving and kind to them.

give em a hug

Yes, even robots appreciate loving and kind people.

hug bot

What’s the catch?

Practice! Oh, and did I mention just 30 minutes a day? Hot stuff!

Come check out the deeply satisfying, tension-relieving, stress eliminating and life-affirming metta-tation called TWIM.

Free online classes, retreats and resources are available today:

And remember, I’m pulling for you. We are all in this together!

Also, for excellent temporary relief, book an out of this world massage (delivered) today!


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